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Feel the Love Tea

Feel the Love Tea

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Introducing our "Feel the Love" Tea, a romantic and invigorating blend that captures the essence of love in a cup. This enchanting infusion combines the timeless allure of roses, the fragrant elegance of jasmine flowers, the vibrant tang of hibiscus, and the soothing charm of green tea.

Blossoming with every sip, our tea begins with the rejuvenating notes of premium green tea leaves, renowned for their antioxidants and fresh character.

Delicate jasmine flowers infuse a graceful floral aroma, while hibiscus petals add a burst of crimson color and a tantalizing tartness. The pièce de résistance, roses, envelop the blend with a sweet, aromatic embrace, reminiscent of a garden in full bloom.

Feel the Love Tea is a symphony of flavors and fragrances that embodies the warmth and tenderness of love itself. It's perfect for celebrating special moments or simply indulging in self-care.

Allow this exquisite blend to soothe your senses, invigorate your spirit, and remind you that love, like a great cup of tea, can be found in life's simple pleasures.

Ingredients: jasmine green tea, rose petals, jasmine flowers, hibiscus petals (roselle)

Can make up to 8 cups.

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