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Lychee Hibiscus Jasmine Tea

Lychee Hibiscus Jasmine Tea

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Introducing our Lychee Hibiscus Jasmine Tea, a vibrant and exotic blend that harmoniously marries the lush sweetness of lychee with the tangy allure of hibiscus, all elevated by the fragrant grace of jasmine-infused green tea leaves. This captivating infusion begins with the bright and grassy notes of premium green tea, celebrated for its antioxidants and fresh flavor profile.

The delicate perfume of jasmine flowers dances with the tea leaves, infusing an aromatic floral layer that delights the senses. The addition of succulent lychee fruit adds a tropical sweetness that beautifully balances the tartness of hibiscus petals.

Sip on a cup of our Lychee Hibiscus Jasmine Green Tea and embark on a journey that transports you to exotic gardens bursting with flavor. It's a fusion of tastes that's both refreshing and enchanting, promising to invigorate your palate with each delightful sip.

Elevate your tea experience with this tropical symphony of flavors and aromas.

Ingredients: jasmine green tea, lychee black tea, hibiscus petals (roselle)

Can make up to 8 cups of tea. 

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