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Lavender Jasmine Tea

Lavender Jasmine Tea

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Introducing our Lavender Jasmine Tea with Butterfly Pea Flowers, an enchanting blend that captures the beauty of nature's colors and flavors in every cup.

This extraordinary infusion combines the fragrant allure of jasmine blossoms with the soothing touch of lavender, creating a harmonious floral dance on your palate. But what sets this tea apart is the addition of butterfly pea flowers, which infuse a mesmerizing indigo hue into your brew. Watch as the vibrant blue transforms into a soft purple when you add a splash of citrus, creating a visual spectacle.

As you sip, you'll be transported to a world of relaxation and wonder, where the soothing lavender and fragrant jasmine gently embrace your senses, and the butterfly pea flowers add a touch of magic. Whether you're enjoying it hot or iced, our Lavender Jasmine Tea with Butterfly Pea Flowers is a truly unique experience that combines taste and visual delight in every sip. Let your teatime be an enchanting journey of flavors and colors.

Ingredients: jasmine green tea, butterfly pea flowers, lavender buds

Amount:1 oz

Can make up to 8 cups of tea. 

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